The Roaring 20's

Photo by Pedro Sanz on Unsplash

The Freshman

around 22–25 years old you will graduate from college, finely tuned your knowledge and skills, the question is? where do you go after that? you search for jobs, maybe some business opportunity, some side gigs.

The Entrance

the first year of going to work, you are a determined, passionate youngster. ready to fight through the uncertainty of life. you finished every task that your superior gave you, and you felt appreciated. but as days turns to months, months turn to years. you do your tasks over and over again, those praises that meant to encourage you meant nothing more than another one of those empty words just to create an illusion to make you feel better

The Pressure

As you question yourself, you look at your friends. some of them getting married, having kids, owning a business, or even really excels in their fields rising through their corporate ladder.

The Realization

but the more you bury those thoughts, those little lies you cover to yourself. eventually will come out. like the living dead, they crawl up to the ground screaming “brains”, demanding you to think harder. to make changes in your life.



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Rezkyro Poltak Samuel Pasaribu

Rezkyro Poltak Samuel Pasaribu


An Indonesian with massive interest in politics, Law, and pop culture.