Why Do We Work?


If you live in a city, well sadly you are programmed to have a lot of “needs” whether they’re luxurious items or activities that make you happy or even the internet nowadays came as basic necessities


strange isn’t it when you have this long holiday you sometimes feel empty. you feel like you do need to do something to fill this emptiness. whatever vacation, sports, or alcohol-filled party you attend there's this need for stability of action you need to do in the majority of your time.

Social Engineering

Modern Society demands you to fill up the role in it. once you fill the role then you are rewarded with money, which then you can spend on your basic needs or luxurious needs.

Self Actualization

I asked many of my friends, what work means to them? and by far the answer of “self-actualization” came a lot.

Basic Needs of Being a Human

Human as social creature needs attention and appreciation to justify their existence in a group or a society, and we can easily find this in a work-related environment where there would be a hierarchy of command and job levels.


Being an adult sucks, you have so many “needs” to feed on



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Rezkyro Poltak Samuel Pasaribu

Rezkyro Poltak Samuel Pasaribu


An Indonesian with massive interest in politics, Law, and pop culture.